Teacher, Tutor, Web Designer – My Journey into Teaching

My Qualifications related to Teaching, Online Tutoring and Giving Tech Support:

  • 500 Hour Training Yoga Teacher – Soma Yoga Medicine School
  • 2 Day Foundation in Life Coaching – The Coaching Academy
  • Qualification in Soft Furnishings, Interior Design and Textiles
  • Trinity Cert TESOL (TEFL) Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • PGCE Art and Design: Postgraduate Certificate in Education in Post Compulsory Education
  • MA in Design
  • PG Dip Digital Media Arts
  • BA Media Arts and Cultural Practice
  • GNVQ 3 Art and Design
  • GCSE: English, Photography, Art & Design


I started learning about computers, filming, editing and photography at college from 1994 to 1998, which is now 25 or more years ago! Going on to University to Study Media Arts and Cultural Practice, where I was introduced to plenty other new Media Subjects, including Digital Film Editing, Digital Photography and Graphic Design. I loved it. I had the Tech Bug, and University during my BA is where I was introduced to Web Design.


Moving to Brighton I then went on to Study for many more years and completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Media Arts, and a Masters in Design at Brighton University. This is where I became embedded in the world of the Digital and have continued to be so ever since.


After studying in Brighton, I knew I wanted to then go even further with my studies and learn to teach. Before I trained as a Professional Teacher I taught private Computer Tuition and Apple Mac Skills for around 5 years. Private tutoring gave me the confidence and experience to get really involved in the teaching right from the first week on the PGCE course.

Half way through My PGCE teacher training I was asked by the College to come back and work for them, after I had finished my Teacher Training. Knowing that I had a Teaching Job already in the bag and starting the following September was a fantastic. An opportunity not many get offered and which really helped with my confidence for teaching.

Then I went on to teach in the same college for a few years, carrying on with my Lecturing role as a self employed teacher for the college, and moved to London and Taught in various schools, including a PRU for disaffected teenagers. This is where I realised that learning how to Teach English would be really helpful. Many students in London have English as their second language which can be a major barrier to learning in this country and so I completed a Cert TESOL teaching qualification, going on to do voluntary ESOL teaching for a charity in London.

Change of Direction

After many years of mainstream teaching and education and now 2 decades of sitting in front of a computer I decided it was time to make a huge life change. So I embarked on learning how to become a Yoga Teacher, a subject, due to physical ill health and long term mobility issues had never been a concept I could image myself doing. For most of my life physical activity caused huge amounts of pain due to bad hips, after lots of surgery and nearly a decade of rehabilitation, I was no longer in pain.

Expecting to do the basic 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, I patiently waited for the Yoga course to start, the start date of the course was delayed many times over a couple of years, but this gave me time to carry on with my physio and to do another course. So while I was waiting, I trained as seamstress.

On this course, I learned how to make soft furnishings, which is something I had wanted to do for many years with already having a huge amount of sewing materials and just needing the skills to make things. I had already wanted to do more hands on and physical creative work again, and the sewing course was perfect. All day on your feet sewing can be taxing, but it was exactly what I needed.

Finally the Yoga Teacher Training course was ready to start and over the 13 months of this teacher training I transformed my mind, body and soul. I am no longer in pain and I can do everything I couldn’t do for decades. I teach Yoga online and will start live classes again this year.

Web Design & Tech Support

I have been working with Web Design, Computers, Tech and Digital Media Arts for 25 years now, and I am always giving help and support with peoples websites, technology and software issues, I think its about time I got paid for it!

This website is set up to create a one-stop-shop for all of my teaching, tutoring, tech support and Web Design Skills to be taught via the various online platforms that enable the world to connect. I use Discord, Zoom or Jitsi Meet, all are free and easy to use.

If you need help with your WordPress website, hosting provider, have issues with your computer, operating systems, emails, software and applications, mobile phones, tablets, internet, networking issues, or social media accounts then request an online Tech Support Session with me via the booking page.

Tutoring & Coaching

You may want to learn Yoga, so please use the same booking page, or you may need to brush up on your English ESOL, I have also taught Functional Skills Maths, English and ICT and helped many students with exam prep over the years.

Recently I helped someone rescue their WordPress website, their hosting provider was ripping them off and taking money when the services they were asking money for were unnecessary, as well as their website not functioning after years of not being updated. We used Zoom and I was able to share my screen so I could fix things while the client was telling me what needed fixing and we could both see from the Zoom video call. This way you learn and watch while I fix 😉

Online or In Person

If you would like to Learn WordPress then this is preferred in person but can be achieved via online classes, WordPress can be very complicated and takes time to learn, so a course would be the best option. WordPress Courses can be 1 day to a week or longer.

My Teaching Journey has enabled me to be able to help with nearly every aspect of ICT, Digital Media, Computers and Web Design. I have spent the last 2 decades learning so I can now help you 🙂